Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 2

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Welcome to your Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 2

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Q11. When more and more entrepreneurs of a country create business opportunities then country grows ________________________

Q12. Economic Development of country means _______________________

Q13. A small village did not have good quality soap because of which the villagers used to fall sick. Being an Entrepreneur what you will do for villagers?

Q14. Entrepreneur always work for ___________________________

Q15. Ramu is chai wala selling tea near a busy bus stop. He earns a lot and makes a good profit. Rani also started a tea stall on the road side. She decided to sell different flavours of tea, just like expensive tea parlours in the mall, at a reasonable price. Who is an entrepreneur?

Q16. An Entrepreneur should have ____________________ quality

Q17. Which of the following is not the quality of an Entrepreneur?

Q18. An entrepreneur always look into a problem as __________________________

Q19. A person who has does not take risks, is not open to new ideas and is running the business only to earn a steady source of income is an entrepreneur.(T/F)

Q20. The ___________________ earned is the excess earning after deducting all expenses.

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