Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 1

Q1. Business is an _______________ activity

Q2. Businesses can be for _____________________

Q3. Business is related to selling _________________________

Q4. Those people who fills the gap between the society needs and the availability of products by providing necessary products and services are __________________________

Q5. An entrepreneur is a person who is ___________________

Q6. All self-employed persons are not entrepreneurs. (T/F)

Q7. The owner of a Kirana Shop is _________________________

Q8. The process of developing a business plan, launching and running a business using innovation to meet customer needs and to make a profit is _____________________

Q9. An __________________ is a project or undertaking that is bold and fulfills a need of the society which no one has ever addressed.

Q10. What is the aim of entrepreneurship?

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