Comm skills 9 Quiz-1

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Welcome to your Comm skills 9 Quiz-1

Q1. __________ skill is needed to speak and write properly.

Q2. An effective speaker is the one who is ______________________

Q3. Which of the following skills are essential for effective communication?

Q4. The word ‘Communication’ comes from the Latin word commūnicāre, meaning ___________________

Q5. ___________ is the ‘sharing’ of information between two or more individuals or within a group to reach a common understanding.

Q6. Communication skills are needed ____________________

Q7. Communication is a __________ exchange of information, i.e., giving and receiving.

Q8. _______________ to someone is example of giving information.

Q9. ________________ to someone are examples of receiving information.

Q10. The communication process starts from ______________

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