AI Project Cycle Quiz 1

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Welcome to your AI Project Cycle Quiz 1

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Q1. The AI Project Cycle mainly has ____________________ stages

Q2. Which of the following is the first stage of AI Project Cycle?

Q3. Evaluation is the _____________ stage of AI Project Cycle.

Q4. Under ______________________ we look at various parameters which affect the problem we wish to solve so that the picture becomes clearer.

Q5. Problem scoping is ____________________________

Q6. The 4W's of Problem Scoping are:

Q7. Which of the following is not 4W of Problem Scoping?

Q8. Which block of 4W helps in analysing the people getting affected directly or indirectly due to problem?

Q9. Under the ___________________ block, you need to determine the nature of the problem.

Q10. _______________________ are the people who face this problem (identified by you) and would be benefited with the solution.

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