Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 11

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 11

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Q101. A _____________ colour border appears around a cell where changes were made in the shared document?

Q102. Reshma have added a comment to a changed cell in a shared spreadsheet. Now she wants to see the entered comment. Which of the following way is correct?

Q103. Ananya has opened the "show changes" dialog box in spreadsheet. She is confused that clicking on which checkbox will display only accepted changes?

Q104. "Show changes" dialog box in shared spreadsheet can be opened by clicking ________________

Q105. Which filter will help Anuj to view only those changes which are made in a certain time range in a spreadsheet?

Q106. Calc automatically adds comment to any recorded change in a shared spreadsheet. The automatically-added comment provided by Calc appears in the _____________ of the comment dialog.

Q107. Parth wants to open the Accept or Reject changes dialog box in Calc. Help him to find the correct option.

Q108. Suman wants to add a sheet in a file named "data" from another sheet named "source". Which option from Insert sheet dialog box will help her to do?

Q109. In one or several formulas, you can use a cell reference to refer to:

Q110. For an Internet hyperlink in spreadsheet, we can choose hyperlink type as______________________

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