Self-Management Skills Quiz-8

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Welcome to your Self-Management Skills Quiz-8

Q71. Which of the following are showing the strength of Ananya?

Q72. "Whenever Aman is free, he would like to do painting" This statement shows his _______________________

Q73. An acquired or natural capacity of Ananya is her _______________________

Q74. An internal push to achieve our goal and improve our quality of life is _____________________

Q75. There are _______________ types of Self Motivation.

Q76. When you perform on your annual day function and you learn something new, such as dancing, singing, etc., you feel good. This is an example of ______________________

Q77. Parth participated in a 400m race and won a prize of Rs2000. This motivated him to go for practice every morning. This is an example of ______________________

Q78. Which of the following are qualities of Self-motivated People?

Q79. There are ____________ steps for building self-motivation.

Q80. Which of the following is the first step for building Self-Motivation?

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