RDBMS 10 Quiz 11

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Welcome to your RDBMS 10 Quiz 11

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Q101. ________________ can be visualize as a container of information.

Q102. Which of the following is an organised collection of data?

Q103. Parth own a stationary shop, he need to keep detailed records of the materials available in his shop. He also need to store information about pricing, stock levels for reordering, old stocks, etc. Which of the following program will help him to organize the data as per his business need?

Q104. Which of the following is not a database program?

Q105. The database concept has evolved since ____________________

Q106. DBMS stands for _____________________

Q107. A database management system is a __________________

Q108. Which of the following statement is not correct about DBMS.

Q109.Which of the following file type will be preferred for less amount of data?

Q110. Databases available on the database servers are accessed through command line or graphic user interface tools. Such tools are referred as _________________

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