Pandas Quiz 8

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Welcome to your Pandas Quiz 8

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Q71. Python libraries contain a collection of built-in ________________

Q72. What is "Pandas" in the following statement?

import pandas as pd

Q73. Which of the following library help to visualize data?

Q74. Which of the following is a high level data manipulation tool used for analyzing data.?

Q75. Pandas is the ________________ library.

Q76. Pandas Series is size ___________ and value ___________

Q77. Pandas DataFrame is size ___________ and value ___________

Q78. 'data' in the following code could be _______________

S1 = pd.Series(data)

Q79. Choose the correct statement :

Statement1 : A Numpy array requires homogeneous data.
Statement2 : Pandas DataFrame can have heterogeneous data. 

Q80. _____________ is used when data is in Tabular Format.

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