Pandas Quiz 12

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Welcome to your Pandas Quiz 12

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Q111. Anshuman wants to create a series named 'S1'. He has written the following codes. His friend Shubham checked the code and said that one of the code given below is not working. As a friend of Anshuman, help him to find the incorrect code.

Q112. Sonal is a class XII student. She is learning "Series" in Python. She is confused in "parameter of Series( ) function". Help her to find the incorrect parameter.

Q113. Roshan has written few points about iloc( ) function of Series in Python. His friend Suman told that one of the written statement is not correct. Help him to find the incorrect statement.

Q114. print(S1[-1]) will return _______________ #'S1' is a series

Q115. >>> S1[1:3] = 50 will update the value of ___________ elements

Q116. _____________ statement will assigns a name to the Series 'S1'

Q117. Write the output of the following:

import pandas as pd
S1=pd.Series(data=[11, 12, None, 6,9,7],index=[1,12,3,4,2,4])

Q118. While performing mathematical operations on series, index matching is implemented and all missing values are filled in with ____________ by default

Q119. Mr. Kumar is working in an IT company. He stored the salaries of all the employees of January month in Series 'Jan_Sal' and salaries of February month in Series 'Feb_Sal'. Now he wants to add the salaries of both months. He has written the following statement. Identify the correct one.

Q120. Which of the following method is used to subtract the two series?

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