Number System Quiz 4

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Welcome to your Number System Quiz 4

Q31. 4 bit binary value of hexadecimal symbol 'D' is ______________

Q32. To convert 110010101101 to hexadecimal value, we make a group of 4 bits from _______________

Q33. Which is the Most Significant Bit (MSB) in 010101

Q34. Which is the Least Significant Bit (LSB) in 010101

Q35. Equivalent binary number of decimal number 0.25 is ___________

Q36. Which of the following mathematical operation is used to convert Decimal Number with fractional part only like 0.125 to another Number System

Q37. To convert decimal number 0.675 to octal, we will multiply the fractional part by _______________

Q38. To convert binary number 10101100.01011 to octal number, we will make 3-bit groups from ___________ for the integer part and ______________ for the fractional part

Q39. base value of hexadecimal number system is __________________

Q40. Let X be a number system having B symbols only. Write down the base value of this number system.

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