NLP Quiz 8

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Welcome to your NLP Quiz 8

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Q71. Steps to implement bag of words algorithm is given below. Choose the correct sequence

1. Text Normalisation
2. Create document vectors
3. Create document vectors for all the documents
4. Create Dictionary

Q72. ___________________ are the words which occur the most in almost all the documents.

Q73. Those words which are a complete waste for machine as they do not provide any information regarding the corpus are termed as _________________

Q74. Which of the following type of words have more value in the document of the corpus?

Q75. Which of the following type of words have more frequency in the document of the corpus?

Q76. ________________ is the frequency of a word in one document.

Q77. ________________ is the number of documents in which the word occurs irrespective of how many times it has occurred in those documents.

Q78. In _____________________, we put the document frequency in the denominator while the total number of documents in the numerator.

Q79. Which of the following is an application of TFIDF?

Q80. ______________ helps in removing the unnecessary words out of a text body.

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