MySQL Class 12 Quiz-3

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Welcome to your MySQL Class 12 Quiz-3

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Q21. Aman wants to create a database in MySQL. Help him to identify the suitable command from the following:

Q22. MySQL commands are case sensitive. (T/F)

Q23. Write the following steps in sequence.

1. Open Database
2. Create Database
3. Create table
4. Open MySQL

Q24. ___________ command is used to open the existing database.

Q25. Which of the following statement will display all the database of the system?

Q26. Which command will delete the database from the system?

Q27. ________________ are the rules or limitations applied on the columns of the table.

Q28. Commonly used constraint in MySQL is __________________

Q29. Which constraint ensures that column can not have a NULL value?

Q30. A field which uniquely identifies each and every record in a table is called ____________________

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