Introduction to AI Class 10 Quiz 2

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Welcome to your Introduction to AI Class 10 Quiz 2

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Q11. A category of intelligence relating to the ability to process information on the environment around us is called _______________

Q12. ___________ is the ability to communicate with others by understanding other people's feelings.

Q13. All humans have all the _________________ intelligences but at different levels.

Q14. _____________ comprises the crucial part of intelligence.

Q15. We can’t make “good” decisions without information.(T/F)

Q16. To make a good decision about any situation, we should use ___________________

Q17. When a machine possesses the ability to mimic human traits, i.e., make decisions, predict the future, learn and improve on its own, it is said to have ___________________.

Q18. Which of the following statement is wrong?

Q19. Which of the following are common examples of Voice Assistants?

Q20. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube etc. show us recommendations on the basis of what we like. This become possible because of _________________

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