Introduction to AI Class 10 Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Introduction to AI Class 10 Quiz 1

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Q1. Humans are developing machines to make their life _________________

Q2. Humans are working hard to create machines with an intent of accomplishing tasks which are _____________________

Q3. Machines are designed for ____________________

Q4. Now a days mobile phones are more smart than the phones we had in last century.(T/F)

Q5. Today’s phones can do much more than just call-up people like _________________

Q6. Artificial is something which is man-made.(T/F)

Q7. Humans are said to be an intelligent species.(T/F)

Q8. A person's ability to regulate, measure, and understand numerical symbols abstraction and logic is called ________________

Q9. __________________ is defined as the ability to perceive the visual world and the relationship of one object with other.

Q10. __________________ is the ability to recognize and create sounds, rhythm and sound pattern.

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