Internet & Web Quiz 13

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Welcome to your Internet & Web Quiz 13

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Q121. Internet is an example of ______________________

Q122. __________________can be done from browser settings.

Q123. Assertion: Websites keep track of users with the help of cookies. Reasoning: Cookies are small text files that stores user information and send it to server when browser makes request again.

Q124. Which of the following are the functions of Cookies?

Q125. Assertion (A): - Repeater is a device which regenerate a signal. Reasoning (R):- Freeware source code is not available to user.

Q126. In ___________________ topology all devices are connected in a linear way.

Q127. The process of converting Analog signal into Digital signal is known as _______________________

Q128. Identify the odd one out.

Q129. In a school building, there are 10 computers at different places and are connected with each other. What type of network is formed in school?

Q130. ‘O’ in FOSS stands for:

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