ICT Skills Quiz 11

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Welcome to your ICT Skills Quiz 11

Q101. Operating System act as an interface between the user and the computer.(T/F)

Q102. Which of the following is not the function of Operating System?

Q103. ___________________ operating system is developed by Microsoft.

Q104. Multi Task operating system like Windows means ____________________

Q105. A _____________________ runs on a set of computers that are interconnected by a network.

Q106. Through the Computer icon, we can access all drives, files, and folders on the computer. When we double-click Computer icon on the desktop, a window opens, this windows has ________________ buttons on right top corner.

Q107. When we minimize any application like Word, Excel etc, it's icon is visible on __________________

Q108. ____________ allows the user to change various settings.

Q109. When we create a new folder on desktop, it's default name is _______________

Q110. To rename a file, select a file and press _____________ from keyboard.

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