Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 4

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Welcome to your Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 4

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Q31. Which of the following is not the type of business activity?

Q32. Aman has opened a Sports Shop. What type of business activity is he doing?

Q33. A business where a seller and buyer exchange an item, which can be seen and touched, is called a _______________________

Q34. Rohit is a sports person and he is working as a Sports teacher in a school. Due to some reason he has to leave his job. After one month he opened a Cricket coaching center. What type of business is this?

Q35. A business where a seller helps the buyer to finish some work is called __________________

Q36. Rahul is an engineer. He opened a coaching institute where he is giving tuition to students and also selling books, bags and other stationary items to the students. What type of business is he doing?

Q37. Anmol was going from school to home. On his way he saw a restaurant where many customers were sitting and enjoying there food. Restaurant is also providing catering services. In what type of business does the restaurant involved?

Q38. Tea-Stall is an example of __________________

Q39. Barber Shop is an example of __________________

Q40. Motorcycle repair shop is an example of __________________

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