Encoding Schemes Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Encoding Schemes Quiz 1

Q1. Computer understands only ___________________

Q2. ___________ has only two digits 0 and 1

Q3. When a key on the English keyboard is pressed, it is internally mapped to a _______________

Q4. When the key ‘A’ is pressed , it is internally mapped to a decimal value ____________

Q5. When we press alphabet ‘अ’ on hindi keyboard, internally it is mapped to a ________________ value 0905, whose binary equivalent is 0000100100000101

Q6. The mechanism of converting data into an equivalent cipher using specific code is called __________________

Q7. Alphabet 'a' is internally mapped to a code value 97. Is it same in all the keyboards?(T/F)

Q8. ____________ means to convert some data to a coded form to hide/conceal it from others.

Q9. A process which convert encrypted data to original content/data is called _________________

Q10. When key 'B' is pressed from keyboard, it is internally stored (in computer memory) in the form of _____________

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