Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 14

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 14

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Q131. On the Crop page of Picture dialog box we can adjust the _______________ settings.

Q132. On the Crop page of Picture dialog box clicking on the _________________ button restores the original image size.

Q133. For more accurate resizing of pictures, use _____________ page of the Picture dialog box

Q134. In the crop page of picture dialog box _______________ option is selected by default.

Q135. To cancel the selected drawing tool from drawing toolbar ____________________________________

Q136. Select one object, then hold down the _______________ and select the others you want to include in the group

Q137. We cannot include _____________ graphic in a group with drawing objects

Q138. Writer is a ____________________

Q139. Positioning of a graphic is controlled by _____________ settings.

Q140. ______________ controls how graphics are stacked upon each other or relative to the text.

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