Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 11

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 11

Q101. Aman wants to add an image in an Open Office Writer document. He can add image in a document __________________________________

Q102. At the bottom of the Insert Picture dialog box, there are two options ____________________ and ____________________

Q103. Which option in Insert Picture dialog box help to view a thumbnail of the selected image on the right?

Q104. If the source document from which the image was copied is closed before the image is pasted into the target document, the image stored on the clipboard could be lost.(T/F)

Q105. To insert an image using scanner select___________________________

Q106. In OpenOffice Writer,Gallery icon is present on ________________________

Q107. By default, the Gallery in Writer is docked _______________________

Q108. To copy a picture from gallery, we can do right-click on the picture and choose _____________________

Q109. In OpenOffice Writer, we can close the gallery by ____________________

Q110. Which toolbar can be opened from Picture toolbar in Open Office Writer?

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