Dictionary in Python Quiz #4

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Welcome to your Dictionary in Python Quiz #4

Q31. ___________ datatype fall under mapping.

Q32. The key-value pair in dictionary is called ___________.

Q33. Choose the correct statement

Assertion (A)  : Items in dictionaries are unordered.
Reason (R) : We may not get back the data in the same order in which we
had entered the data initially in the dictionary.

Q34. ___________ is the suitable data type for keys of dictionary in python.

Q35. Choose the correct statement :

Statement A : Dictionaries are mutable.
Statement B : Contents of the dictionary can not changed after it has been created

Q36. Write the output of the following :

A = {1 : "One", 2 : "Two", 3 : "Three"}
print("One" in A)

Q37. Write the output of the following :

A = {"A" : "Apple", "B" : "Ball", "C" : "Cat"}
print(A in A)

Q38. _______ function returns the number of key: value pairs of the dictionary.

Q39. Which of the following function create a dictionary from a sequence of key-value pairs

Q40. Following statement return values in the form of ___________________

>>> D1.keys() #D1 is a dictionary

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