Database Concept Quiz-3

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Welcome to your Database Concept Quiz-3

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Q21. We know that tables in a database are linked or related through one or more common columns or fields. This common field is called ___________________

Q22. _____________________ maintains a single repository of data at a centralised location that can be used by multiple users at the same time.

Q23. __________________ represents the design or structure of a database.

Q24. ___________________ is also called the visual or logical architecture as it tells us how the data are organised in a database.

Q25. Sometimes we put certain restrictions or limitations on the type of data that can be inserted in one or more columns of a table. These restriction is called ________________________

Q26. ___________________ are used to ensure accuracy and reliability of data in the database.

Q27. A _________________ is data about the data.

Q28. Meta data is also known as _______________________

Q29. Which of the following is not the data constraint in DBMS?

Q30. After loading data, the state or snapshot of the database at any given time is the _______________________.

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