Database Concept Quiz-2

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Welcome to your Database Concept Quiz-2

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Q11. _______________ means same data are duplicated in different places (files).

Q12. Redundancy leads to excess storage use and may cause _________________.

Q13. When same data is maintained in different places and do not match. This is called ____________________

Q14. If the structure of a file is changed, all the existing application programs accessing that file also need to be change. Otherwise, the programs may not work correctly. This is called ______________________

Q15. Which of the following is limitation of a File System?

Q16. Limitations faced in file system can be overcome by storing the data in a __________________ where data are logically related.

Q17. DBMS stands for _________________________

Q18. Name a software that can be used to create and manage databases.

Q19. Example of open source DBMS is ______________________

Q20. Real life application of DBMS is ______________________

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