Computer System Quiz 5

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Welcome to your Computer System Quiz 5

Q41. Which of the following devices are used to capture data in digital format?

Q42. _____________ is fetching data from the storage devices for processing.

Q43. _____________ is the process of gathering data from different sources in the digital form.

Q44. In large organizations, computers with larger and faster storage called ______________ are deployed to store vast amount of data

Q45. Threats associated with digital data is ____________

Q46. _____________ is a process of retrieving deleted, corrupted and lost data from secondary storage devices.

Q47. Shortcut to delete a file permanently is _____________

Q48. Physical component of computer is called _____________

Q49. _____________ is a component of computer system, which we cannot touch or view physically.

Q50. Which of the following is not a Software?

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