Computer System Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Computer System Quiz 3

Q21. _____________ introduced its first personal computer (PC) for the home user

Q22. Which of the following is Graphical User Interface based OS?

Q23. A computer system needs memory to store ________________

Q24. The primary memory also termed as _____________

Q25. _____________is used to store data, instructions and results permanently for future use.

Q26. The binary digits 0 and 1, which are the basic units of memory, are called ______________

Q27. Combination of 4 bit is called a _____________

Q28. 01000110, 01111100, 10000001 are examples of ______________

Q29. 1KB = __________ bits

Q30. Arrange Terabyte(TB), Zettabyte(ZB) and Gigabyte(GB) in increasing order.

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