Comm skills 9 Quiz-8

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Welcome to your Comm skills 9 Quiz-8

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Q71. A group of sentences forms a _____________

Q72. In reference to English language, Which of the following is smallest unit?

Q73. ____________ is the study of the sounds that we make when we speak.

Q74. What are the different types of sounds used in English pronunciation?

Q75. We use certain words called ______________ before we start talking to friends, people familiar to us, or people whom we are meeting for the first time.

Q76. Which of the following is an example of Formal greetings?

Q77. Which of the following is an example of Informal greetings?

Q78. You say ‘Good Morning’ when it is _______________.

Q79. You may say ‘Hi’ when you meet _______________.

Q80. We usually do not greet people by saying _______________

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