Comm skills 9 Quiz-4

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Welcome to your Comm skills 9 Quiz-4

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Q31. A communication in which you can see the listener is _____________________

Q32. Expressions, Postures, Gestures are examples of ______________________ Communication

Q33. Which of the following is not an example of non-verbal communication?

Q37. When we greet someone by raising/waving hand, then we are communicating by non verbal method using _______________

Q35. A facial expression shows the _____________ of a person.

Q38. We can show our happiness or sadness to others by our ________________

Q39. Biting nails shows ___________________

Q40. Walking with a straight body posture shows ___________________

Q39. We should avoid _______________ during formal communication?

Q40. _____________ is the tone of our voice, speed and volume that makes a difference in the meaning of the communication.

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