AI Project Cycle Quiz 5

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Welcome to your AI Project Cycle Quiz 5

Q41. Which of the following parameter is used to calculate the efficiency of the model?

Q42. The advantage of neural network is _________________

Q43. A Neural Network is divided into multiple layers and each layer is further divided into several blocks called _____________________

Q44. The first layer of a Neural Network is known as the _________________

Q45. The job of an input layer in Neural network is ___________________

Q46. In neural network, no processing occurs in __________________

Q47. In neural network, the whole processing occurs in __________________

Q48. Which of the following is a correct feature of a Neural Network?

Q49. There can be multiple hidden layers in a neural network system. (T/F)

Q50. The ___________ hidden layer passes the final processed data to the output layer which then gives it to the user as the final output.

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