AI Project Cycle Quiz 3

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Welcome to your AI Project Cycle Quiz 3

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Q21. Which of the following is visual representation of data?

Q22. ________________ Approach Refers to the AI modelling where the rules are defined by the developer.

Q23. In _______________ approach we fed the data along with rules to the machine and the machine after getting trained on them is now able to predict answers for the same.

Q24. A drawback/feature for rule based approach is ____________

Q25. ____________________ refers to the AI modelling where the machine learns by itself

Q26. __________________________ approach introduces the dynamicity in the AI model.

Q27. Supervised Learning is the sub category of ________________________

Q28. In a _____________ learning model, the dataset which is fed to the machine is labelled.

Q29. Classification and Regression are two types of ____________________________

Q30. ______________ type of supervised learning model works on discrete dataset which means the data need not be continuous.

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