AI Project Cycle Quiz 2

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Welcome to your AI Project Cycle Quiz 2

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Q11. In _______________ block of 4W, we need to focus on the context/situation/location of the problem.

Q12. ______________ is the last 'W' in 4W Problem Canvas

Q13. The stage after "Problem Scoping' in AI Project Cycle is _______________

Q14. We use the 4Ws Problem Canvas in ____________ stage of AI Project Cycle.

Q15. Ananya is talking about the various stages of AI Project cycle. She is telling that, in this stage we acquire data for the project. She is talking about _____________ stage of AI Project Cycle.

Q16. Aman want to make an Artificially Intelligent system which can predict the salary of any employee based on his previous salaries. He has to feed the data of his previous salaries. This is the data with which the machine can be trained. The previous salary data here is known as ________________ while the next salary prediction data set is known as the ______________

Q17. For better efficiency of an AI project, the Training data needs to be ___________ and _______________

Q18. Data features refer to ____________________.

Q19. Ways by which you can collect data for your AI Project is _________________

Q20. Which of the following is an open-sourced Government portals?

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