Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021

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Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021

Sample Question Paper

Maximum Marks: 35 Time: 2 hrs

General Instructions

  1. The question paper is divided into 3 sections – A, B and C
  2. Section A, consists of 7 questions (1-7). Each question carries 2 marks.
  3. Section B, consists of 3 questions (8-10). Each question carries 3 marks.
  4. Section C, consists of 3 questions( 11-13). Each question carries 4 marks.
  5. Internal choices have been given for question numbers – 1 , 3, 8 and 12.

Q1. Ashish is preparing for his class 12th IP Term 2 – Board Exam. He is doing revision of chapter “Computer Network”. He found two terms Web server and Web page, which is not very much clear to him. So he contacted you. Explain both the terms to Ashish.


Amulya is a business man. He wants to launch his business digitally across the world, so he decided to create a website for showcase his range of products. Now the website is ready to launch but he is confused about the term ‘hosting’. Being a technical person, help Amulya to understand clearly “What is web hosting” and also write any two web hosting service providers.

Q2. a. What do you mean by topology?

b. What is the full form of DNS?

Q3. Write the output of the following query:

  1. Select power(3, 4);
  2. Select mod(987, 2);


What is the difference between Single Row function and Multiple Row function in MySQL?

Q4. Identify the topology:

  1. A topology in which each communicating device connects to a common wire called backbone.
  2. A topology in which each communicating device is connected to a central device like hub/switch.

Q5. Write the output of the following:

  1. Select round(34.546, 4)
  2. Select round (34.546, 1)

Q6. Identify the errors in the following queries.

  1. Select * from stock where price = NULL;
  2. Select sum[price] from stock;

Q7. Mr. Das has created the following table ‘Furniture’

F12Double Bed4000032020-08-19
F41Dining Table2000022021-12-30
Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021

Write the output of the following queries:

  1. Select * from Furniture where month(Date_of_purchase) = 8;
  2. Select F_id, Type from Furniture where year(Date_of_purchase) = 2021;


Write the queries of the following:

  1. Display the details of furniture which are purchased in month of December.
  2. Display the average price of furniture.


Each question carries 3 marks

Q8. Write the output of the following:

  1. Select substr(“BoardExam@2021”, 4, 7);
  2. Select length(“BoardExam@2021”);
  3. Select left(upper(“BoardExam@2021”),5);


Consider the table ‘School’ whose fields are shown below.

Admno, Class, Mobile, Fees, Name

Write the queries to perform the following task.

  1. Display all names in uppercase.
  2. Display the last two characters from column Name.
  3. Display the lowest fees.

Q9. Identify the following functions:

  1. I am a mathematical function and return the remainder.
  2. I am a string function and help to convert lower case string to upper case.
  3. I am a date and time function, returns the month name from the specified date.

Q10. Explain the following function with examples.

  1. dayname( )
  2. instr( )
  3. now( )


Each question carries 4 marks

Q11. Answer the following:

  1. Explain the difference between group by and order by clause with example.
  2. When we use having clause? Explain with example.

Q12. Write the queries for the following task.

  1. Add a new column “Name” of data type Varchar(30) in table “Hotel”.
  2. Delete a record from table “emp” whose empid is 101.
  3. Delete all the records of table “stock” along with structure.
  4. Display the total of column “Salary” from table “emp”.


Based on the table: “Emp” given below:

Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021

Write the output of the following:

  1. Select mod(Salary, 100) from emp;
  2. Select average(Salary) from emp;
  3. Select sum(Salary) from emp where empid > 3;
  4. Select max(Salary) from emp;

Q13. Admin, Account, Research, and Care-unit are four buildings of an IT company. Ms. Shalini want to connect all the four buildings.

The distance between various buildings are as follows:

Admin to Account                              – 200m

Admin to Research                            – 150m

Admin to Care-unit                            – 50m

Account to Research                         – 250m

Account to Care-unit                         – 350m

Research to Care-unit                        – 350m

Number of computers in each building are

Admin – 120

Account – 100

Research – 50

Care-unit – 50

Based on the above specifications, answer the following questions:

1. Suggest the cable layout of connections between the buildings.

2. Suggest the most suitable building to house the server, with suitable reason.

3. Suggest the placement of the following device with justification

i. Repeater

ii. Hub/Switch

4. Suggest any one application for VoIP.

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Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021

Disclaimer : I tried to give you the correct format of ” Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021 ” , but if you feel that there is/are mistakes in the Questions of Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021 given above, you can directly contact me at csiplearninghub@gmail.com. NCERT book and CBSE study material is used to create Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021 questions.

Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021

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Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021

Term 2 IP Paper Class 12 2021

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