RDBMS 10 Quiz 7

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Welcome to your RDBMS 10 Quiz 7

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Q61. Which language help to extract/fetch data from table in Open Office Base?

Q62. We can create query(Open Office Base) in ______________

Q63. Queries are commands that are used to define the structure and modify the data in a table.(T/F)

Q64. We can not delete the data using queries.(T/F)

Q65. SQL stands for ______________

Q66. __________ statement is used to retrieve data from table.

Q67. ____________ is the most common DML command.

Q68. DML stands for ______________

Q69. Which of the following clause return specific rows?

Q70. Which of the following clause return records in ascending order?

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3 thoughts on “RDBMS 10 Quiz 7”

  1. the questions are really amazing … they are indeed helpful
    one error : ques 65
    the answer will be structured query language while it is showing structural query language

    please check into it!


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