RDBMS 10 Quiz 20

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Welcome to your RDBMS 10 Quiz 20

Q191. Anjali has written the following query in Open Office Base. What will happen if we remove the word "asc" from the query?

select * from Student order by Rollno asc;

Q192. Srijan is working in a multinational company "LoveTech "as trainee. His boss asked him to increase the salary of all employees by Rs.1000. Help him to write the correct query. (Table Name : Employee and Column Name : Salary)

Q193. __________ statement is used to remove one or more records in a Database.

Q194. Which clause of Select statement helps to display specific data?

Q195. Name an interface in a user specified layout that lets users to view, enter, and change data directly in database objects such as tables.

Q196. Can we insert records in table using Form.(T/F)

Q197. Which toolbar help us to move from one record to another in a form?

Q198. ________________ help us to get the summarized data.

Q199. To create a form you need to select _________ option available under Database section.

Q200. Which of the following option is not available under Database section of Open Office Base?

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