RDBMS 10 Quiz 17

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Welcome to your RDBMS 10 Quiz 17

Q161. ________________________ property help to set the value which automatically inserted in a field when new record is created.

Q162. Which of the following column has sorted data?

Rollno          Name              Salary
3                    Amit              2500
5                   Ashu              3200
9                   Anil              3000

Q163. To arrange the data in ascending or descending order, First select the column(s) and then click on ______________ buttons

Q164. When a primary key from one table appears in another table, it is called a ____________________.

Q165. Referential integrity refers to the ____________ between tables.

Q166. Referential integrity helps to avoid:

Q167. We can create a relationship between any two tables by selecting _________________ option from the ________________ menu.

Q168. Which of the following relationship can not be created in Open Office Base?

Q169. In ________________ relationship, one of the table must have primary key column.

Q170. In ________________ relationship, both the tables must have primary key columns.

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