Pandas Quiz 10

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Welcome to your Pandas Quiz 10

Q91. Two common ways for accessing the elements of a series are _____________ and ___________________

Q92. How many times value '10' will be displayed in the given series 'S1'?

import pandas as pd
S1=pd.Series(10, index = range(1, 10, 3))

Q93. Which of the following statement is correct to add NaN value in series?

Q94. Which of the following is parameter of Series( ) function?

Q95. What is the data type of series 'S1' given below ?

S1=pd.Series([11, 12.5, "ok"])

Q96. Which of the following attribute of Series is used to set the name of Series object?

Q97. Which of the following attribute is used to check NaN value in Series?

Q98. Which of the following attribute of Series returns the tuple?

Q99. What type of error is returned, when the length of index and the length of data in Series() function is not same?

Q100. Write a statement to display 12.5 as output using positional indexing.

import pandas as pd
S1=pd.Series([11, 12.5, None, 6], index=["J","F","M","A"])

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