NLP Quiz 7

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Welcome to your NLP Quiz 7

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Q61. _________________ is the process in which the affixes of words are removed and the words are converted to their base form.

Q62. After stemming, the words which we get after removing the affixes is called _____________________

Q63. While stemming healed, healing and healer all were reduced to _______________

Q64. While stemming studies was reduced to _______ after the affix removal.

Q65. After Lemmatization, the words which we are get after removing the affixes is called _____________________

Q66. Which of the following statement is not correct?

Q67. ________________ is a Natural Language Processing model. In this we get the occurrences of each word and construct the vocabulary for the corpus.

Q68. Which of the following things we are getting after 'Bag of Words' algorithm?

Q69. Expand TFIDF

Q70. Bag of words algorithm gives us the frequency of words in each document. It gives us an idea that if the word is occurring more in a document, ______________________

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