MySQL Class 12 Quiz-4

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Welcome to your MySQL Class 12 Quiz-4

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Q31. In MySQL, Unique key accepts the NULL value.(T/F)

Q32. Command to view the structure of table is _______________

Q33. Write command to show all the records of table "document"

Q34. Which of the following is not the data type of MySQL?

Q35. It is mandatory to define constraints for each attribute of a table.(T/F)

Q36. SQL allows us to write statements for defining, modifying and deleting relation schemas. These are part of _________________________.

Q37. By default, each attribute can take NULL values except for the ________________

Q38. Which of the following command will add primary key in a table?

Q39. Write a command to associate NOT NULL constraint with attribute SName of table STUDENT.

Q40. The ___________________ clause is always written with SELECT clause as it specifies the name of the table from which data is to be retrieved.

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