Introduction to SQL Quiz-5

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Welcome to your Introduction to SQL Quiz-5

Q41. Which command will help to set Foreign key in MySQL?

Q42. ________________ key involved two tables.

Q43. Candidate key - Primary key = ________________________

Q44. UNIQUE constraint means no two values in that column should be same. (T/F)

Q45. Which command is used to add an attribute to an existing table.

Q46. Write a command to add a new column "contactno" of data type char(10) in an already existing table "school".

Q47. Suppose the principal of the school has decided to award scholarship to some needy students for which income of the guardian must be known. But school has not maintained income attribute with table GUARDIAN so far. Therefore, the database designer now needs to add a new attribute income of data type INT in the table GUARDIAN.

Q48. Alter statement in MySQL is used to ______________________

Q49. Suppose we need to change the size of attribute NAME from VARCHAR(30) to VARCHAR(40) of the SCHOOL table. The MySQL statement will be

Q50. We can change an attribute’s constraint from NULL to NOT NULL using _____________________

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