Introduction to SQL Quiz-4

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Welcome to your Introduction to SQL Quiz-4

Q31. Suppose we store guardian’s 12 digit Aadhaar number as GUID (Guardian ID) in School table, we can declare GUID as _____________________ since Aadhaar number is of fixed length and we are not going to perform any mathematical operation on GUID.

Q32. Can we have a CHAR or VARCHAR data type for contact number (mobile, landline)?

Q33. Write a command to view the structure of table named 'School'.

Q34. What is the purpose of following command?

show tables;

Q35. We can change the structure of the table by using the _______________ statement.

Q36. Ananya created a table 'School' in MySQL but forgot to declare an attribute 'Rollno' as primary key. Which command will help her to add primary key after table creation?

Q37. What is composite primary key?

Q38. Write a command to add primary key to the ATTENDANCE relation. The primary key of this relation is a composite key made up of two attributes — AttendanceDate and RollNumber.

Q39. A relation may have multiple foreign keys. (T/F)

Q40. Which of the following points need to be taken care while adding foreign key to a relation

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