Introduction to AI Class 10 Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Introduction to AI Class 10 Quiz 3

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Q21. Cortana, Siri are common examples of the _________________

Q22. Which of the following are examples of Artificial Intelligence?

Q23. ___________ is the world's first humanoid.

Q24. Any machine that has been trained with data and can make decisions/predictions on its own can be termed as ______________

Q25. Which of the following is not an example of AI?

Q26. An air conditioner can be turned on and off remotely with the help of internet but still needs a human touch. This is an example of _________________

Q27. All the Smart devices are AI-enabled.(T/F)

Q28. Which of the following is an AI enabled?

Q29. A technology that could mimic human intelligence is _________________

Q30. What is the meaning of 'K' in 'KWLH'?

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