Flow of Control Quiz 6

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Welcome to your Flow of Control Quiz 6

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Q51. Syntax of 'for' loop is given below:

for in :

Fill in the blank

Q52. Which of the following statement is not correct about 'for' loop?

Q53. _____________ function is used in for loops for generating a sequence of numbers.

Q54. Which of the following parameter of range( ) function is optional?

Q55. ___________ statement terminates the current loop and resumes execution of the statement following that loop.

Q56. ___________ statement skips the execution of remaining statements inside the body of the loop for the current iteration and jumps to the beginning of the loop for the next iteration

Q57. A loop inside another loop is called _____________

Q58. If the condition of the while loop is initially false, then the loop will execute _______________

Q59. Write the output of the following :

for x in range(1,4):
   for y in range(2,5):
      if x * y > 10:
      print (x * y, end=" ")

Q60. Write the output of the following:

var = 7
while var > 0:
   print ('Current variable value: ', var)
   var = var -1
   if var == 3:
      if var == 6: 
         var = var -1
   print ("Good bye!")

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