Flow of Control Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Flow of Control Quiz 3

Q21. if-elif statement is used in situation which involves ___________

Q22. What is the purpose of 'else' statement in if-elif ladder?

Q23. To write else statement in if-elif ladder is mandatory? (T/F)

Q24. Number of elif in if-elif ladder depends on ________________

Q25. A graphical representation that shows step by step solution to solve a given problem is _______________

Q26. Which of the following is not a keyword in Python?

Q27. Which of the following is not a conditional statement in Python

Q28. Which of the following symbol is used to end an 'if' statement in Python?

Q29. Write the output of the following :

x = 10
if x > 7 and x <= 10:
print("Pass", end="")

Q30. Which of the following value of 'x' makes the condition False in the given code?

if (x > 7 or x == 3) and x!=11 :

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