File Handling Quiz-18

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Welcome to your File Handling Quiz-18

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Q171. Aman wants to store data in a file which should not be in human readable form. Suggest him the suitable format.

Q172. A text file store information in ___________________

Q173. The first step of doing any operation in a file is ___________________

Q174. f.readline(-1) will read _____________________

Q175. f.readline(-5) will read _____________________

Q176. f.readline(5) will read _____________________

Q177. Aman is learning file handling in Python. He forgot to write second argument in open() function. In which mode the file will open?

Q178. Which method is used to close the file in Python?

Q179. Which of the following function is not used with file handle in Python?

Q180. write() method does not add any extra newline character("\n") on it's own.

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