Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 5

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Welcome to your Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 5

Q41. Which of the following statement is not correct about product or product business?

Q42. Read the following case-study and identify what kind of business is this?

Sana wears beautiful new earrings every day which she makes by herself. She finds the designs online, buys cheap materials and makes them at home with the help of her sister. Her friends at the college were amazed and placed orders for similar earrings.

Q43. Read the following case-study and identify what kind of business is this?

Pragya’s parents bought her a bike on her birthday last year. 
She used it to go to her college and to meet her friends.
Since her friends usually had to take a bus for transport, in case of
an emergency, they would sometimes ask her to drop them.
This gave her an idea of starting a quick, goods-delivery service using

her bike! In her free time, she started the delivery service for people
in her area. She became famous!
She later employed five people to work
in her delivery company.

Q44. Suman was buying earrings from a wholesale market and selling it to people. What kind of business is this?

Q45. Products for selling are made at ___________________

Q46. Trade and Manufacturing businesses are types of _______________________

Q47. Wholesalers, distributors and retail shops are examples of _________________

Q48. The first steps of starting a business is _____________________________

Q49. In the _________________ learning system of Entrepreneurship development, training programmes are conducted to bring about awareness, knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship

Q50. ______________________ development is the process of improving the skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs

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