Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Entrepreneur Skills 9 Quiz 3

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Q21. Entrepreneur takes _____________ to make a profit

Q22. _______________________ means organising, developing and managing a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make profit.

Q23. Characteristics of entrepreneurship is _________________________

Q24. Ananya is working as a chef in a five star hotel. She is ________________________

Q25. In wage employment, there are always two parties. One is known as the __________________ and the other is the _________________

Q26. Aman is working in a company and earns 5 lakhs monthly salary. Hari is a vegetable vendor and earns 50 thousand rupees monthly. Who is an entrepreneur among them?

Q27. Rahul starts a shop to sell Chaat and special Paani Puri. He is an _________________

Q28. Shahid becomes the manager of a dealership selling food products. He is an ______________________

Q29. Ritu leaves the company she worked for and starts catering food for marriage programmes. She is an _________________.

Q30. Parth Work for himself, and not for others. He is an ______________________

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