Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 16

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 16

Q151. To update the table of contents right-click on table of contents and select __________________ from the pop-up menu.

Q152. After creating table of content if we add or delete text (so that headings move to different pages) or we add, delete, or change headings. Changes will reflect in Table of Contents only after _____________________

Q153. Which of the following tab is not the part of Insert Index/Table dialog box?

Q154. To delete the title of Table of Contents_________________

Q155. Which of the following checkbox help to protect the table of contents from being changed accidentally?

Q156. Which of the following option will help user to change the table of contents directly on the document page, just like other text.

Q157. To change the number of levels of headings evaluated while creating table of contents, enter the desired number in the _____________________ spin box

Q158. Writer automatically assigns to the table of contents all paragraphs formatted with the default heading styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, and so on). To assign paragraphs formatted with custom styles check the ___________________ check box

Q159. Which tab of Insert Index/Table dialog box help us to add colour or graphic to the table background?

Q160. Which tab of Insert Index/Table dialog box help us to add colour to the background of the table of contents?

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