Pandas Quiz 9

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Welcome to your Pandas Quiz 9

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Q81. Amit is working in an IT company. His boss asked him to prepare a chart in python. He is confused that which library will support plotting graph and data visualization in python. Help him to find the library

Q82. By using matplotlib, we can generate ________________

Q83. Installing Pandas is very similar to installing _____________

Q84. NumPy and Pandas can be installed only when _________ is already installed on that system.

Q85. By default Series have __________ data labels starting from ____________.

Q86. Write a statement to import pandas with alias name 'pds'

Q87. What is the index value of "Ravi" in the following Series?

import pandas as pd
S1 = pd.Series["Ram", "Raju", "Ravi", "Ramesh", "Rishabh"]

Q88. An output of series 'S1' is shown below, _________ are the data values in 'S1 and __________ are the data labels in 'S1'.


Feb         2
Mar        3
Apr        4
dtype: int64

Q89. What is the data type of given series 'S1'?

import pandas as pd
S1=pd.Series('a', index=(2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0))

Q90. How many elements will be there in given series 'S1'?

import pandas as pd
S1=pd.Series('python practice')

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