Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 10

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 10

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Q91. Which mode is used to apply a same style to many different areas quickly?

Q92. How can you quit Fill Format mode in Open Office Writer?

Q93. When fill format mode is active in Writer, ________________ will act as an undo button.

Q94. We can create a new(Custom) style by _______________________

Q95. In Open Office Writer we can modify _______________________________

Q96. Which of the following icons are present in Styles and Formatting Window?

Q97. Which icon in Style and Formatting window help to create new style and also to modify the existing styles?

Q98. To Load Styles from a template or document click on ________________________________

Q99. To copy the styles from another document, click the _________________ button to open a window from which you can select the required document.

Q100. Style and Formatting icon available in ______________________ toolbar.

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