Comm skills 9 Quiz-9

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Welcome to your Comm skills 9 Quiz-9

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Q81. We usually start our introduction by telling our __________________

Q82. A ______________ is a typed or printed page with blank spaces for information.

Q83. A postal code is ______________.

Q84. We ask questions to ________________________

Q85. ‘Who’ is used to ask about _________________

Q86. ‘When’ is used to ask about _________________

Q87. Raju is the class monitor. He wants to know why Ramesh is coming late every day. Which of the following is a question that Raju can ask Ramesh?

Q88. If you have not understood a task given to you, which question should you ask?

Q89. Renuka is joining a new school. Which of the following questions will help her become comfortable with her new classmates?

Q90. Re-arrange the following words to form questions


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